Why am I being charged sales tax for an out-of-state order?

We understand the confusion that some customers are experiencing regarding the collection of sales tax. The laws pertaining to the collection of sales tax vary from state to state, site to site, and seller to seller. In short, on June 21, 2018, The Supreme Court decided South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc This ruling enabled US States to require that sales tax be collected for online orders that are delivered to a given State or if the seller has a physical presence in that State.  It is further complicated by each State's requirements to collect sales tax being unique to that given state. Most States base their requirement to collect tax based on the seller's count of sale orders and/or the total value of sales for that state.  Therefore, it is very likely that a customer that had never been charged sales tax previously, could now be charged sales tax going forward, based on that State's requirements.  Bucks County Estate Traders would never want to unjustly charge our customers sales tax. If your order is charged sales tax, you can be certain it is only due to the requirements of your delivery state.